Welcome to  Whether you are a customer, an investor a prospective associate or a vendor. We hope that you’ll enjoy our site. This site will give you a glimpse of who we are and what we do. Are you in the market looking for dresses and maxi dresses, skirts, maxi skirts and wrap skirts, elegant jewelry sets, fashion accessories, handbags, evening purses and much more with high quality and exclusive styles, all at an exceptional value. Here at BotakenConcept we embrace vareity in fashion and aim to meet the continually evolving style needs of our customers. From classic to trendy, work day to weekend, BotakenConcept is here to provide you with on-trend transitional styles.

​Botaken inspires with new different fashion collections and that is what makes us different. Yinka Olaofe the founder and CEO of Botaken Concept LLC grew up loving fashion and beauty. She believes every woman or man shouldn’t be in a competition with anyone when it comes to looking good. She’s got passion, love and flare for fashion and belives that whenever she walks into a room ”SHE OWNS IT”

​She furthered her education in Yaba College of Education where she studied about Dress Making and Textiles which became an added tool and resource for picking out high quality fabrics and materials for outstanding designs and styles. Hence, her natural love for fashion gave birth to the concept of sharing her passion through BOTAKEN CONCEPT!

​Her mission however, is to create opportunity for every woman ( Young and old, all shapes and sizes across cultural and national boundaries) to explore and embrace fashion in a less intimidating way. Wear what you want, any time, any occasion suiting any enviroment and still look your best.

​Her philosophy…… Believes that every woman, regardless of shape, size, career and skin color can dress and accessorize in distinguished trendy and concervative ways that radiates class, grace and exudes self-confidence.

​Her Vision……. My goal is to reach a high quality competitive height in the fashion industry, making BOTAKEN CONCEPT a household name home and abroad.

Botaken is here to provide all your fashion needs. So come on in, have a look around our drop down menu and shop until you drop!

​It’s not you, Our styles do speak!!

​Botaken Concept LLC.

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